A charming nature getaway <br>in Samal, Davao

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Skirts along the country's most enormous island garden, Chema’s By The Sea brings a nature retreat with the best of land and water. A nature beach resort in Samal Island, Davao City, it features towering landscapes of beautiful greeneries and a quaint white sand beach offering a tranquil view of the Davao metropolis.

Amidst the alluring landscape are rustic cottages in the banks with exclusive spaces for utmost serenity. The four cabanas and six cottages feature garden and beach views, providing a tranquil escape. Designed as cozy lodges, each room has an assigned private butler service for a more relaxed experience. Along these abodes are open spaces for intimate celebrations with family and friends. With nature as the backdrop, it brings a different ambiance for special moments.

Experience the warm local hospitality that Chema’s By The Sea brings. Breathe in and take a trip to the charming nature experience.


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