Beach Area

The pristine private beach of Chema’s By The Sea is the perfect getaway anyone can imagine. Blending well with the garden estate, the beach offers the perfect view of the Davao metropolis basking through the reflection of the stunning ocean. Its entire space under the shades of majestic trees brings the feeling of inclusivity with the countryside.

Laze around in daybeds around the shores in peace. Breathe in the fresh life that nature exudes with the ocean waves' sound, experience the calming embrace of serenity. Feel the comfort of fine sand through your toes: everything and more in this private beach escape.

Infinity Pool

Amidst the nature park is the perfect infinity pool for a leisurely dip.

Take advantage of the Samal coast's prestigious views while paddling in tippy toes through the fresh pool water. The pool provides a hushed dip. Enjoy bar vibes with tunes playing in the background. Shades of the evergreen enfold the water for an easy swim.

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